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    You are planning a visit to Ukraine but you think you may need a local English-speaking guide. I am here to help you and not only during your trip but I can help build a custom itinerary, based on your preferences. You don’t need to spend hours researching the internet and looking for interesting places to visit I already know almost every corner and will be happy to share my knowledge with you.

   I have a private car and will take you on your own, customised tour, wherever you want to go throughout the country.  I’ll be beside you at all times during the trip. I can help you build your unique tour based on any of my existing  itineraries or create one from scratch specifically for you  taking into account your interests : family research, religion, history, literature, castles, churches, photography….

    I have a variety of different tours:  Heritage Tours, Religious tours, Cultural tours, Jewish Heritage Tours, Photography tours, Historical tours, Ancestral Tours but it doesn’t mean that you have to choose one of them, it can be a combination of many as you like. 

    Even if you would like to visit a place you interesting in and are unable to travel you can always take advantage of the virtual tour. I would like to offer unique virtual tours that will allow you to feel the spirit of travel and realistically visit a place of your choice. Virtual tours are popular among people who would like to visit the ancestor’s village or town but do not have such opportunities. In such a tour, I will be your eyes and ears.

   I will not only create an itinerary for you but I can be your guide, translator (English), driver with my own car and full-day assistant for the whole trip or only for a difficult part of your journey. Trusting to my experience, many of my clients were very happy with their decision to hire a helper in their trip to Ukraine.

    The hassles visiting a place where you do not speak the language, problem reading cyrillic letters, making reservations, checking operating hours, figuring out options when you have problems — all of this is easy stuff for me as a tour guide.

  As a guide I will always know the best hours to visit attractions and places of interest, tell you what places you can skip and what you should visit, how to avoid peak hours, places that are closed or under construction, and other tricks and tactics that will help you to spend your holiday in the best way. During your trip, I will tell you a lot of interesting stories and historical facts about Ukraine as well as about the region you want to visit. My knowledge is basic, but still enough that you have an idea about the history of our country and our present life. I know all the secret spots, the hidden treasures, the myths, the legends, the customs and traditions. If you would like to know more about a particular city or place, I can arrange a local guide who has much more knowledge about a certain place.


Contact me at and I’ll be happy to help you either to organize your trip or assist you on your journey.


Comfortable and safe travel on my own car. During your trip I will be your Personal Driver

Viktor Yedynak. Your guide in Ukraine

+38 0976285425

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